Taibah Mukhalat 20ML
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Taibah Mukhalat. is one of the famous and popular Arabian perfume oil / attar. It's an alcohol free, strong and long lasting perfume oil. Recommended for both Men and Women (Unisex). Wearing This Attar Make Your Presence Better Than Better. Use only little amount on your clothes and give your surrounding a good sense of fragrance for whole day long. It comes in an amazing design with  beautiful  glass bottle . A well presented oil in an amazing bottle, perfect for a gift. It can be a very nice and beautiful gift box, It can also be a very nice personal collection. In order to get 100% genuine & original products please buy from Perfumes BD.


  • Type: Perfume Oil
  • Capacity: 20ml
  • 100% Alcohol Free (Attar)

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